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ElArteChristine is a virtual art gallery, an artist and an art school that celebrates the beauty of art. Each of my artworks is a unique one-of-a-kind piece that exists only once in the world and is handmade by me. My artworks are signed by hand and reflect the passion and dedication of the artist Christine. At ElArteChristine you can explore the gallery, take part in inspiring art workshops and discover exclusive decorative items.

Christine Kornexl-Uhrmann

Art teacher and art therapist.

Since 1991 participation in various exhibitions at home and abroad.

Each of my works is a unique one-off that only exists once in the world and is handmade by me. Each of my artworks is signed.

I started with watercolour painting in my childhood. As a teenager, I repeatedly attended various art courses and was occasionally allowed to present a few paintings at exhibitions. I sold my first painting at the age of 16, which increased my enthusiasm for painting enormously. All this motivated me to become a graphic designer. Unfortunately, I had to abandon my studies due to a high-risk pregnancy. I had two daughters in quick succession and started working in a care home. I did various training courses: Naturopath, qualified geriatric nurse, specialist for out-of-hospital intensive care and, last but not least, art teacher and art therapist, which brings me back full circle to art.

I never stopped painting, but concentrated more on commissioned paintings and exhibitions during periods of intensive work and learning.

Over the course of time, I have always added new materials that I like to experiment with. The art styles also vary in my works. I love the creative variety, but the constant in my life is and remains painting.
A new challenge for me is now the online gallery, where you can see a small selection of my works.

Ready to begin your own artistic journey?

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Take the first step into the world of art. At ElArteChristine I offer you the opportunity to discover and develop your creative side. Visit my online art gallery, take part in the painting circle or my art workshops or discover great pictures, exclusive decorative items for your home or office. 

I will be happy to create your personalised order. Portraits, landscapes, buildings on paper, canvas, ceramics. Wall paintings are also possible. Just ask me!

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